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Donna Francavilla
Radio News Reporter at CBS Radio News

National CBS Radio News Reporter, Donna Francavilla won a total of 7 broadcast and journalism awards from Alabama Media Professionals on May 10, 2012, primarily for her work in covering the killer April 27th tornadoes. The founder of Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC., picked up 4 First Place Awards for Radio Broadcasting: Prepared Report, On-The-Scene Spot Report, Best Presentation, Audiovisuals-Still Illustration and Multi-Image Slides and 2 Third Place awards for her Radio submission, Personal Column On The Air and for News Article Written Specifically for the Web. AMP even gave Francavilla a “Sweepstakes Award” for winning top awards in various categories. Since 1981, Donna Francavilla has worked in the broadcasting industry as a talk show host, news director, field producer, news anchor and program director. A former NBC 13 reporter, Francavilla has covered stories for CBS Radio News for the past 13 years.